By blending German manufacturing quality with Chinese operational excellence, the DK GROUP strives for technological leadership. Our goal is to establish a worldwide awareness and market presence for our brands and products. Therefore, we are engaging our customers emotionally with the German seal of excellence and also with unique design, marketing and customer experience concepts.

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DK GROUP is a globally acting company with a distinct Far East expertise. By constantly developing new products, we are fulfilling the respective needs of our customers. Thanks to our quality management, our products not only have been certified by major institutions but also have been awarded with numerous patents.


Established back in 2006, when the first LED products tapped into the market, our product portfolio nowadays encompasses more than 200 products. It spans from retro-fit products to state-of-the-art luminaires and off-grid lighting solutions.


With our high-quality off-grid lighting systems we are going to take LED lighting to the next level. We are offering off-grid solutions like solar-powered street lamps as well as efficient lighting systems for people with no electrical lighting.